Townsville PDF Maps & Books

Townsville City

Townsville’s CBD has undergone a transformation in recent years and is gaining a reputation for its shopping, food and entertainment precincts. Enjoy boutique shopping on Flinders Street, Palmer Street and Gregory Street as well as the regular local markets.

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Townsville CBD Guide

Take yourself on a self-guided street art tour around the inner city streets, or check out the top-notch restaurants, bars and cafes on Palmer Street, the new City Lane and other favourite hangouts.

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Welcome To Townsville Map

Your complimentary guide to Townsville city precincts, history & heritage, regional precincts and travel distances.

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Magnetic Island Map

Only 8km from Townsville, Magnetic Island is only a 20 minute ferry ride from the mainland with SeaLink Queensland.

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Magnetic Island Snorkel Trail

The Nelly Bay Trail offers easy access from the beach and a great swim for beginners. There is a great selection of corals at Nelly Bay including Lettuce Coral, Cauliflower Coral, Boulder Coral and Staghorn Coral.

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Magnetic Island Map (colour)

Magnetic Island is a 52 km2 (20.1 sq mi) mountainous island in Cleveland Bay that has effectively become a suburb of Townsville. The island is accessible from Townsville Breakwater to Nelly Bay Harbour by ferry. There is a large 27 km2 (10.4 sq mi) National Park and bird sanctuary.

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Townsville Northern Beaches

Townsville’s Northern Beaches are the perfect place to disconnect from technology and reconnect with nature. Venture north to Bushland Beach where you’ll catch glimpses of an old wooden shipwreck at low tide.

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Paluma Range

Drive to Paluma via the winding Mt Spec Road through the Heritage-listed Wet Tropics, and watch the vegetation switch between lush rainforest and dry savannah.

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Townsville Birdwatching

There are numerous bird watching locations in the Townsville region ranging from short easy walks to whole day or overnight trips that take you from suburbia to the edge of the outback.

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